We specialize in simulation, mission rehearsal, realtime 3D visualization, urban modeling, 3D analysis, serious games and 2D and 3D dataset production with OpenGL, Direct 3D and scene graph technologies. Eureka 3D is proficient not only in visualization but also in development of scalable agent based AI technology including custom pathfinding and role based entities. We have proficiency under a variety of platforms in C++, C# and Java to get the job done.

Simulation Experience and Applications:

  • On the fly 3D terrain generation from DTED, DEM and CIB imagery files
  • Integration of GPS feeds into custom GIS applications in real time
  • Creation of 3D models using our automated tool chain
  • Realtime asset tracking
  • Flight rehearsal with multi-map 2D and 3D visualization
  • Realtime Line of Sight Analysis
  • Realtime Radial Visibility Analysis
  • Exporters and converters for OpenFlight, Maya and 3D Studio Max
  • Customized hardware solutions for deployed flight tracking systems
  • A* pathfinding algorithms and dataset creation