GIS Applications

Eureka 3D specializes in all areas of GIS development including data fusion and data analysis, custom 2D and 3D database conversion and extrapolation from industry standard sources, 2D and 3D GIS visualization, and custom visualization and analytical tools such as radial visibility algorithms and critical infrastructure scenario testing. With proficiency under a variety of platforms in C++, C# and Java we have the right resources to get the job done.

GIS and Simulation Applications:

  • Dynamic draping of shp vector, point and polygon files onto 3D datasets
  • Integration of GPS feeds into custom GIS applications in real time
  • Development of ArcMap plugins for custom 3D visualization
  • Creation of 3D models using standard GIS sources and our automated tool chain
  • Realtime asset tracking
  • Line of Sight Analysis
  • Radial Visibility Analysis
  • Exporters and converters for OpenFlight, Maya and Max
  • Custom hardware configurations for deployed flight tracking systems