At Eureka 3D our commitment to customers is the number one consideration. Awareness of customer needs and expectations is the most critical aspect of developing top notch software and giving quality service. We ensure a synchronized set of expectations and understanding at each step of the process: initial assessment, planning and development. Keeping the customer apprised is priority one, weekly summaries of status are the norm and more frequent reporting is not uncommon during crunch times. Customers need to have confidence and Eureka 3D attempts to build this confidence by giving the customer whatever level of visibility into development is needed to keep it high. We attempt to minimize superfluous communication but only to the point it can be minimized. We think it is better to be informed twice than never at all and this is echoed in our work from start to finish.

Our developers use the latest object oriented and component based technologies, as well as proven design techniques. We offer a development process that aggressively engineers flexible solutions with a focus on fully realized spiral development stages. While the Eureka3D process is agile, it is focused on fleshing out solutions earlier rather than later, while at the same time understanding project needs will change. Repetitive, thorough, iterations of in depth analysis prevent the common mistakes that occur in environments that are waterfall based or on the other extreme completely unstructured. Detail is realized as each phase is assessed, and at all times the “big picture” is integrity tested and engineered towards. We tailor our approach to the size and goals of the effort we engage in.

At Eureka 3D we maintain a passionate interest in keeping abreast of the latest software and development technologies. The technical playing field changes rapidly, and one of our strengths comes from our tight focus on watching this landscape for new capabilities, strategies and techniques. Read about our development methodologies.